Travel Risk API Integration Options

Our risk assessment and travel restrictions tools can be integrated into corporate and travel management systems, HR and other travel approval workflow systems through our Travel Risk API.  Our API-first approach means we prioritise this delivery mode. (What is an API?)


Features from the GOPASS Portal can be integrated into Global Distribution Systems (GDS), Travel Management Company (TMC) workflows and corporate approval platforms. Our widgets can be customised to suit your needs.

travel risk api
travel risk api

Easily integrates into travel approval processes

By integrating our Travel Risk API, our full COVID-19 risk ratings and travel restrictions can appear within your travel approval workflow process. Whether you have an HR or travel management system, we can seamlessly inject our risk scores and travel advisory information.

travel restrictions api
integrate with travel management systems

Full COVID-19 risk information on flights, updated daily

Our API can bring full COVID-19 risk ratings into your flight search and booking process.

Receive COVID-19 risk notifications on booked flights and make sure your employees travel low risk. Travel managers and traveling employees will stay up to date on risk within their journey.

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