Embed our Flight Risk Widget

Embed our Flight Risk Widget on your site so you can:

Provide safe flights for your customers in miliseconds, within your environment
Help your customers choose the safest flights to your destination, whether it is a country, state, county, office, or event.

View up-to-date country travel restrictions and regulations
View destination information and access travel restrictions within your platform.

Extend your duty of care
Increase your business by providing intelligent up-to-date risk status.

Offer low risk options to fly to your destination

The Flight Risk Widget will provide an immediate opportunity to search for a safe flight right from your website.

flight risk widget to embed
flight risk widget to embed
flight risk widget to embed

Create a custom look for your flight risk widget

Customize the style, color and form of the widget to match your website and brand.

Where to embed our flight risk widget

These are the main use cases where you might embed our Flight Widget. Taken together with our Travel Restrictions Widgets, we can augment your website with pertinent risk information and travel advisory to help your customers travel safely.

Hotel booking websites

Conference websites

Education websites

Tourism websites

Try our Flight Risk widget demo now

You can customize the Flight Risk Widget in a couple of clicks and add it to your website right from the demo.
Solve your clients’ worries regarding safe travel.