Live Covid risk map FOR WORLD TRAVEL

The GOPASS Global Live Covid Risk Map transforms complex data into simple risk ratings that assist safe travel planning

  • Testing rates
  • Geographic mobility changes
  • Trending risk score (machine learning based)
  • Vaccine coverage data
  • Government response rating

Our live risk map shows you the Covid-19 risk status of countries around the world, in near real time, with clear risk ratings. You can even drill in to get risk data by state/county.
Ratings are produced by looking at a range of factors, not just daily Covid-19 case counts, testing numbers and deaths. We rate government policy, data reliability, vaccination rates and community mobility as well. In fact, our complex algorythms analyse over 35 data sources, with updates produced hourly.

The data in the map is the backbone for the GOPASS Global platform. It drives all our solutions, providing risk scores for travel itineraries for people and travel agents everywhere.

Our safe travel planning solutions that utilise the map and its data are available for corporates and travel management companies. See our pricing, API and widget pages for more information on how you can bring our live Covid risk map and travel risk information into your travel planning workflow.

image of Covid risk map for world travel
GOPASS Global's Covid and Bio Risk Map is one of seven products available.


Contact us to embed our map or a version of it on your site.