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Featured news country risk assessment for travel

Weighing up the risk of one destination versus another

Our Country Risk Assessment PDFs help travelers weigh up the travel risk of one destination versus another. Download and attach to each quote you send to a customer.

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Product updates to keep you on track

Covid travel risk is changing and so is GOPASS. Discover more about our March 2022 updates.

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Travel Risk Optimizer – One of GOPASS GLOBAL’s Core Features

The Travel Risk Optimizer provides a single view of all the biosecurity risk elements of a trip and…

Featured news 3 major advantages

3 Advantages of Adopting a Comprehensive Travel Risk Management

Concerns around the third wave of infections are keeping us busy at GOPASS Global. In Europe, cases are…

Featured news Personal Health Risk Assessments for employee travel / corporate travel

Health Risk Assessments & Corporate Travel Risk Management

By completing a personal health risk assessment employees are better informed to decide whether to go on business…

Featured news pre-travel risk management

Corporate Pre-travel Risk Management by GOPASS Global

Pre-travel risk management is about having a consistent and pro-active approach to protecting your employees and your organization…