Lufthansa City Center new partner for duty of care platformLufthansa City Center new partner for duty of care platform

New duty of care solution for Lufthansa City Centre

GOPASS Global provides pre-travel risk management and duty of care platform to Lufthansa City Center’s global network of over 500 travel agencies in 85 countries.

FRANKFURT – 21. June 2021 – Lufthansa City Center International (LCCI) signed a partnership agreement with GOPASS Global, a leading travel risk management company. The partnership between the two companies includes integration of GOPASS Global solutions by international Lufthansa City Center travel agencies (outside Germany) and predominantly their corporate clients using either the web-based solutions or directly integrating into existing systems and processes through the GOPASS Global API.

“The GOPASS Global solution is the most comprehensive and robust risk assessment tool available in the market and we are delighted to be partnering with them to help encourage safe travel”, says Lufthansa City Center International Managing Director, Martina Groenegres. She emphasized that their “international travel agency members and their clients have been asking LCC to provide a duty of care solution, one that addresses the needs of the business traveler in the new world”.

“This collaboration will bring significant benefits both to the customers of GOPASS Global and Lufthansa City Center International by adding new capabilities and distinctively elevating the level of consulting for the traveler” says Founder and CEO of GOPASS Global Mark Radford.

The benefits of this new partnership include:

  • GOPASS Global supports both corporate and leisure travelers to recommence travel with confidence through its game-changing proposition for Covid-19 and biosecurity pre-travel risk assessment
  • The GOPASS Global platform provides agents and travelers an end-to-end view of all the aspects of a journey as well as the traveler’s risk of exposure in the whole cycle
  • Agents can obtain a risk score per segment and itinerary, enabling them to clearly identify the lowest risk routes overall. This allows them to show clients how much Covid-19 and biosecurity risk various flight and itinerary options involve
  • The platform provides agencies with maximum flexibility, accuracy, and operational efficiency.

This is the fresh start to a new and promising collaboration aimed at supporting travelers worldwide, and overall contributing to the development and enhancement of the travel industry.

About GOPASS Global

GOPASS Global is a post-Covid travel risk management platform that uses advanced analytics to manage corporate travel duty of care. The platform provides an end-to-end view of all the aspects of an employee’s travel and their risk of exposure in the cycle of travel. Aggregating real-time data from different reliable data sources, GOPASS Global has developed the ability to create an objective and quantifiable risk score that summarises the biosecurity risk associated with all primary aspects of the customer’s itinerary, including country of origin, destination and any stops, airline and even aircraft type.

About Lufthansa City Center:

Lufthansa City Center (LCC) is the world’s largest independent franchise company in the travel agency market with 500 offices in 85 countries and a total turnover of 5,43 billion Euros (business year 2019). LCC is active in the leisure (tourism) and corporate (business travel) sectors. The chain of owner-managed medium-sized travel agencies includes 270 offices with around 2,000 employees in Germany. Outside of its home market Germany, the travel agency network employs around 2,300 people in 230 offices. Responsible for all world-wide agencies is Lufthansa City Center International GmbH, the international franchisor located in Frankfurt/Germany. Lufthansa City Center offers a global programme with local relevance to nurture the cultural differences and dynamics required in each market. A global presence with local capabilities ensures the best opportunity for delivering exceptional customer service.

Media Contact:

Dave Simmons
GOPASS Global Director of Distribution
Telephone: +64 21 263 1951