Global travel agencies racing to adopt breakthrough risk management solution

Global travel agencies racing to adopt new data solution

In what is fast becoming a race to provide for the risk-aware corporate travel customer, global travel agencies are adopting a breakthrough data solution that helps plan COVID-safe travel itineraries. Mega travel agencies and TMCs seek first mover advantage with GOPASS Global’s game-changing risk assessment technology.

SINGAPORE –14 July 2021 – As international borders gradually begin to reopen, the global travel industry is rapidly embracing a breakthrough data solution that enables travel agents and corporations to help their clients and staff plan COVID safe travel anywhere in the world.

Leading travel management companies, agencies and distribution networks in Europe, North America and the Pacific have already signed up for GOPASS Global, a remarkable pre-travel risk management platform that launched only in January this year. And more big signings will be announced in the coming weeks.

The platform distils all the risk facts relevant to a flight itinerary from 35 global data sources, in near real-time. Included are headline destination safety factors such vaccination rates, border restrictions, quarantine requirements and safety protocols.

It also identifies the risk associated with the trip routing, transit points, airports, airlines, aircraft type and even the choice of seat. Travel planners are provided with a quantifiable risk score for each itinerary.

Agencies to adopt the new data solution in the past month include

“GOPASS Global not only provides our members with up to the minute data on the global COVID situation, it enables our customers to evaluate the risk associated with every country, city and airport they visit and every airline and aircraft type they fly on,” says Malcolm McLeod, the CEO of New Zealand’s leading independent travel alliance, First Travel Group.

“Knowledge is power and if the initial reaction from our members is any indication, they can’t get enough of it,” says McLeod.

GOPASS Global Director of Distribution Dave Simmons says it’s really no wonder that TMCs and travel agencies can’t wait to get their hands on the GOPASS solutions.

“Travel brands are quickly appreciating how our technology can help them navigate their way through the bewildering and ever-changing maze of information about Covid impacts on travel,” he says.

“This is important for all travelers but especially for corporate travel given that new health and safety regulations place even greater responsibility on companies to demonstrate that they have fully assessed the risks associated with corporate travel prior to an employee boarding an aircraft.”

Simmons said that as countries began to open up to international travel, employers and employees needed an objective and measurable assessment of the risk associated with any proposed itinerary. Maximum scores can be set as part of travel policy and complement existing duty of care programs.

“One of the best features of GOPASS is its simplicity. Agents simply enter the trip PNR into the system and receive a comprehensive assessment. It’s super easy to use and will save consultants hours of time searching for information.”

Simmons confirmed that GOPASS Global had joined the developer partner platform of global distribution system Sabre Corporation and was in talks with many other leading travel brands around the world.

“Covid-19 and its variants will be with us for many months and possibly years to come. But even when they are no longer posing a threat to the global community, other biosecurity risks will emerge and GOPASS solutions will continue to help travelers, TMCs and corporations manage the associated risks.”


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About GOPASS Global
GOPASS Global is a travel risk management platform that uses advanced analytics to help manage corporate travel duty of care in a COVID-impacted world. The platform provides an end-to-end view of all aspects of employees’ travel and their risk of exposure in the cycle of travel. By distilling the relevant facts from 35 data sources in near-real time, GOPASS Global creates an objective and quantifiable risk score that summarises the biosecurity risks associated with the customer’s itinerary, including the destination, routing, transit points, airline, aircraft type and even the cabin and seat.