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3 Advantages of Adopting a Comprehensive Travel Risk Management

Concerns around the third wave of infections are keeping us busy at GOPASS Global. In Europe, cases are surging and the situation is looking rather similar to the early days of the pandemic. As we are struggling with a more contagious variant, stalling vaccine roll-outs, and cases and hospitalizations rising again – we are more and more dependent on complex data to make sense of it all – and turning that scattered into something we can all digest.

We are taking data from the most reliable sources and turn it into a SingleView for our travelers to assess the potential risk they might be exposed to during their trip. Our data comes from sources such as:

  • JHU, WHO, CDC case data
  • Testing rates 
  • ML-based trending score
  • Government response rating
  • Geographic mobility changes
  • Country data reliability
  • Data at country, state and county levels

Adopting a comprehensive travel risk management solution in your company’s overall management policy has a number of advantages such as

  • Promoting healthier and safer work ethics
  • Ensuring smooth flow and functioning of your business 
  • Improved Brand recognition

It’s worth investing and devoting time to travel risk management or Duty of Care. By planning beforehand, and having the right information at your fingertips, employees can avoid negative, sometimes dangerous effects on their work, and personal lives, facing significant consequences for tasks, projects and health.

GOPASS Global team helps customers get more out of their existing travel risk program and enhance with our solution to protect travelers from unnecessary travel risks.

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