country risk assessment for travelcountry risk assessment for travel

Weighing up the risk of one destination versus another

Our latest new feature helps clients weigh up the travel risk in one destination versus another. You can now download and attach a PDF of our Country Risk Assessment to each quote you send to a customer.

One of the great things about being a GOPASS Global customer is that you can be assured we’ll continue to enhance and update our solutions in line with changing market needs.

Today, many of your leisure clients are making travel choices based on the safety of one destination versus another, rather than the journey as a whole. So, we’ve created a country-only risk assessment, downloadable as a PDF document.

How agents can use it to deliver customer value

Agents can attach a Country Risk Assessment PDF to each quote, so their clients can make an informed decision about which of the destinations under consideration is right for them.

Here’s how to get a Country Risk Assessment:

  1. Login to the portal
  2. Open the Bio Risk Map
  3. Find and click on the country you want
  4. Click the link to Latest government regulations next to the country name
country risk assessments for travel

5. Click Download PDF button to save as a file you can email.

The feature was released on Monday 28th March. Try it now!

Of course, if your clients, especially business travellers, would like to consider all the various risk elements of the trip, including the airline, aircraft type, airport and any transit points, then you can still download the full Travel Risk Assessment and get the aggregated risk score.

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