image_troGOPASS Travel Risk Optimizer

Travel Risk Optimizer – One of GOPASS GLOBAL’s Core Features

The Travel Risk Optimizer provides a single view of all the biosecurity risk elements of a trip and can be integrated as part of employee attestation for travel.

Corporate travel is one of the highest spend categories within organizations and for that matter, it remains a strategic focus point for many organizations. Online meetings have certainly helped us weather the ‘‘Covid-storm’’ but nothing beats face-to-face interaction to show commitment to existing customers, grow your sales pipeline; basically improve relationships. For us, as avid travelers, we know that a business trip is not just about getting on a plane that takes you from A to B. If our employees are being asked to travel, it disrupts family life and to a certain extent work-life balance. And that comes with a range of social, moral, and legal duty of care obligations. Our employees need to trust that we take care of them – that their well-being and safety are top priorities. We have a duty to minimize or avoid risk altogether.

And here we’d like to give you a sneak preview of the Travel Risk Optimizer – it is one of the most important features in our technology stack. With the help of this amazing feature, you can obtain detailed information on all risk related aspects of a trip, such as:  

  • Destination and origin
  • Flight route & transit

  • Airports 

  • Airline (how clean are they really?)

  • Class of travel

  • Aircraft type (some are safer than others)

  • Arrival restrictions (Covid-tests, quarantine etc)

  • Exit restrictions (Covid-test, quarantine etc.)

The Travel Risk Optimizer is providing travel risk information to corporate offices and travel management companies around the world. Don’t be left behind, sign-up now.

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