product update March 2022

Product updates to keep you on track



As the travel industry’s trusted risk partner, GOPASS Global is constantly reviewing and upgrading its solutions based on customer feedback and careful analysis of the changing global landscape. Here’s all you need to know about how our latest improvements to our risk assessment and risk ratings model will keep you in the driving seat.

More flexible Travel Risk Assessment report

(Update released 8 February 2022)

Our Travel Risk Assessment (TRA) tool allows a travel manager or travel agent to enter a PNR or flight numbers and dates and receive a trip risk report that can be exported as a PDF document and sent to a client.

The key change we’ve made is to allow you to select how much information you’d like to include in the PDF report. Because we draw on 35 sources of global data in near real time, there’s a lot of valuable information to share. However, many customers told us they’d like more flexibility and control over how much detail they send to clients.

We listened and acted. There are now check boxes at the top of each section of the report, allowing you to hide details that you want to omit from your PDF. Now you can:

  • Exclude stopover countries where you know your client is not leaving the airport
  • Exclude flight details altogether if you want to provide only country regulations
  • Include or exclude travel guidance details for airports, airlines, aircraft and seats.
product updates March 2022

By default, all details are included so you won’t leave out any information unintentionally. You are also prompted to confirm your selections upon PDF download.

Adjusted travel risk ratings in response to global changes

(Update to be released 9 March 2022)

The COVID landscape has changed with the spread of Omicron which is considerably more transmissible but less harmful than Delta and earlier variants. We have seen increased adoption of vaccines and boosters, as well as the emergence of oral treatments such as Paxlovid.

So, to keep ahead of the potential risks facing your customers, we’ve reviewed and recalibrated our risk rating model by changing the emphasis placed on the following factors.

Vaccination rates

We have upweighted vaccination data within the risk formula as it provides a strong indication of immunization levels, access to health technology and community engagement.

Hospitalization rates

Given the increase in vaccination rates, and the growing numbers of people who have already been exposed to COVID, our upgraded model puts greater emphasis on the risk of getting serious health complications and/or hospitalization, in addition to the risk of contracting the virus.

Risk categories

The scale range used to classify countries into five risk categories – Minimal, Low, Moderate, High and Very High – has been improved, so there is now greater consistency with all other scores within the GOPASS system.

Destination best practice

Many destinations have taken giant leaps with improved vaccination and testing regimes, improved health care, governance and data reliability. Our updated risk model is now better able to reward or penalize countries based on their performance in these critical areas.

The changes are most evident on our Bio Risk Map, with fewer destinations having the highest risk rating. You’ll also see generally lower risk scores in your Travel Risk Assessments. While this is the overall trend, we are continuing to track and monitor the status of every destination, down to state level, on an individual basis, to deliver the most accurate risk assessments.