Personal Health Risk Assessments for employee travel / corporate travelhealth risk assessments

Health Risk Assessments & Corporate Travel Risk Management

By completing a personal health risk assessment employees are better informed to decide whether to go on business trips. Companies benefit through reduced employee travel risk, delivering an improved duty of care.

Several characteristics, called risk factors, affect whether your health risks are high or low. Your personal health risk factors include your age, sex, family health history, lifestyle, and more. Of course, some risk factors cannot be changed, such as your genes or ethnicity.

When things in life run smoothly, we do not necessarily think about these risk factors, and we just get on, but in today’s world – with a pandemic still surging – personal health risk and its factors are becoming more important. 

As we are trying to assess whether it is safe for us to travel again we need to take our personal health into consideration. At GOPASS Global we have developed a really cool feature that provides a personal exposure/health risk rating. 

For instance, if one of your employees has a (pre-existing) health condition, is a smoker or is overweight; he or she can decide to factor those health risks in to ensure a more detailed risk projection for the overall trip. 

So to sum up, the GOPASS Personal Health Risk assessment tool: 

  • is a separate risk tool that can be used independently by employees planning their travel
  • is used in conjunction with trip risk to generate risk scores for an employee itinerary
  • can be integrated as a part of employee attestation for travel
  • has no data privacy concerns.

By undertaking a personal health risk assessment as part of GOPASS Global’s corporate travel risk management toolset, travelers are better informed to decide whether to stay or go on that business trip. And as a company, you will be doing the right thing from a duty of care point of view – doing all you can to reduce risk in employee travel. 

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